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Georgetown Hotel

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A Luxury Retreat

The Georgetown Hotel & Saloon is ground zero for the Divide’s favorite local and regional bands, providing the best in live music and great times. Our location puts us in the middle of the most exciting events, like the town’s annual Founder’s Day celebration and parade! And even when there isn’t an official car/truck/bike show in town, sometimes it just feels like one in our parking lot – you never know who’s stopping by to join in on the fun!

Live Music Saturdays!

Catch your favorite bands of the Divide here at the Georgetown Hotel and Saloon, every Saturday night, starting around 7pm. Bands you love, like Face Down, Rubber Bullet Band, The Georgetown Boys, Abandon Theory, The Doubleshots, Karl and Karl and Karlene, the Bowl Junkies, Deer Head Fridge, Uncommon Ground and more! Check out our Facebook Events page for the current schedule!

Friday Night Karaoke!

Come sing your heart out with our host Pat every Friday night and the karaoke crowd! Pat has tens of thousands of songs to choose from, practically anything you can think of. A great way to let loose after a long work week and kickstart the weekend. Pat’s Karaoke night is often featured on the Plowzone Show on KFOK 95.1 FM.

Taco Tuesdays!

We’ve brought back everyone’s favorite weekly special, Taco Tuesdays! And with a twist! You can choose from chicken, ground beef and now pulled pork! Served in a soft shell, hard shell, or BOTH as everyone’s favorite double-stuffed!

Other Events

There is ALWAYS something going on at the Georgetown Hotel and Saloon. We party practically every holiday you can think of. We gather round for every sporting event that we can splash onto our huge flatscreens around the saloon. We’re a favorite stop along numerous motorcycle runs and jeeper convoys heading to/from the Rubicon. Check our Facebook Events page for the updated schedule.

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6260 Main St, Georgetown, CA 95634, United States

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