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Cool Pilot Hill Community Plan

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Everything starts with community input!

  • Cool
  • Posted 1 year ago

Experience the better living with the Cool Pilot Hill Community Plan. In order to serve as an advisory body to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, a group of civic-minded residents in the Cool and Pilot Hill area established the Cool-Pilot Hill Advisory Committee (CPHAC) in 1978.

The Foothills of western El Dorado county is home to several unique and beautiful community with daily needs, like Cool and Pilot Hill, that generally have to be serviced by driving into another county. This is at great expense to out community both in fuel cost, extra time, and tax revenue benefiting other jurisdictions which should remain here helping our community.

Developing a people centered design and character to our “Mainstreet” will strengthening our community engagement and help better establish our culture and have a place that we all can enjoy.  The additional benefits of a walkable mainstreet include: holiday celebrations, the ability to host special events, promote our community’s best assets and create an inviting atmosphere that strengthens our existing businesses and recruits new ones into our community. It will also encourage shoppers, visitors, and residents to increase dollars spent here in our community while increasing local tax dollars.

We are at a tipping point point in our community. If we want any chance of expanding our trail system as well as create fulltime dedicated trails for different recreational uses the time is now.

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7200 Saint Florian Court, Cool, California 95614, United States

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