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Peet’s Coffee

Coffee Shop
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Handcrafted since 1966.

  • Cool
  • Posted 9 months ago

On April 1, 1966, Alfred Peet first opened the doors of his coffee store in Berkeley, CA, and quietly ignited a revolution that forever changed the expectations of American coffee drinkers.

Leaves the coffee import business to start his own shop in Berkeley at Vine and Walnut, a working-class neighborhood near the University of California campus.

Vows to only use high-quality beans and a roasting system manually calibrated to achieve an even darker, sweeter roast.

Proudly sends a batch to his mother, who politely suggests it’s “too dark.” Thankfully, he ignores her.Promotes the belief that there should be the shortest distance possible between the roaster and the customer. Single-handedly helps the American consumer appreciate freshly roasted, dark roast blends.Peet’s celebrates their 50th anniversary by introducing a blend inspired by Mr. Peet, known as “the Big Bang” of coffee. This new signature blend expanded the horizon of what coffee can be, the perfect coffee to honor the man who still inspires us every day.

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5030 Ellinghouse Dr, Cool, CA 95614

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