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Premier Foothill Properties

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  • Cool
  • Posted 10 months ago

Premier Foothill Properties opened in July 2009. Collectively, the Realtors in our office have over 50 years of experience. All of our agents live here on the Divide and are extremely knowledgeable about the area.
Our real estate team has over 50 years of combined real estate experience and our office is the number one for home sales in Cool CA! We will pay attention to the details, and help you navigate comfortably throughout the real estate process. Our agents are exceptional in their experience with buying and selling real estate.

Our Realtors live here on the Divide and can tell you why living in Cool CA or one of the surrounding communities is perfect for you. The Divide is commonly recognized as a an exceptional area for recreation (equestrian activities, jogging, bike riding, rafting, kayaking etc..). Surrounded by a variety of pine and oak trees, the Sierra Foothills are not only spectacularly beautiful, but quiet and serene.

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3006 Hwy 49, Suite E, Cool, CA, 95614

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